Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I had so many commitments lined up and due to a funk that appeared out of nowhere, I got behind. This weekend has heralded the disappearance of said funk and the reemergence of my creativity. Thank G_d!!! I hate not being able to function, not even my housework was getting done and in a household of 3 men, that's a no no, esp for the bathroom, that I mentioned in an earlier post. LOL

Anyway, I had 2 cards to make, one for a friend who's ill in the hospital and another for a friend who suddenly lost her mother early Saturday morning. Unfortunately the details of these cards are lost in the scans.

for my friend in the hospital

for my friend who's lost her mother


Kelly said...

these are beautiful! love the colors!

enjoy said...

very beautiful cards ... i love the soft colors!

Aunt T said...

Beautiful cards M-B. Gorgeous.


Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Hi Mary-Beth! Wow, your blog has changed! I love your new banner, just beautiuful, and so are these vintage cards!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards.

jo capper-sandon said...

Both of these are really beautiful. And I also loved that post below this....its making me think.