Wednesday, September 26, 2007

now for the deco

I love doing decos and for those of you who don't know what a deco is, it's a small to medium sized, handmade book made by an artist and passed around to other artist for them to decorate in the theme the owner has chosen. The owner does a title page and the 1st spread to start off the deco, adds a sign-in page, a send home to page and any guidelines she wants the participants to keep in mind.

The Yahoo group that I belong to where the members also love to do decos is Byhandartists and right now we're starting off a music themed RR. I wracked my brains for a music theme for this but couldn't come up with anything that I really wanted to do until last Friday when I was at work. A Barenaked Ladies song came on the radio and my mood lightened, I got a smile on my face and all was right in my world for those few short minutes. I thought there's my theme! What music means to me! This what I came up with.

The book itself was gifted to me by a wonderful lady and I couldn't decide what to make with it til this deco came up, and it's perfect as it's in my favourite colour combo, it just spoke to me.

4 x 4

I was working on a music themed deco this weekend but while I was at my desk I kept seeing these bits of images and paper 'floating' around and I got an idea for the France theme on 4 x 4 Fridays. Because the image of what this should look like when it was done I had no problem putting it together. I think it's missing something but not quite sure what. But overall I like it! Sorry the scan's a little lop-sided! LOL

Sunday, September 23, 2007

once again

I apologize, my real life got in the way.

To the ladies who won in my name calling contest!, sounds bad eh?, LOL, your goodies are going out in the mail tomorrow! Sorry to have not been able to get them out sooner.

I am making art and will share as soon a I have something finished. I am involved in a music deco RR on one of my groups and I had a very had time finding direction for this one but it finally came this morning and I'll have it together today and ready to go out tomorrow, TG! I'll scan and post when it's ready.

And finally this link has been making the rounds but in case you haven't seen it, here's true altered books.

It's a beautiful day here for the 1st day of fall, I hope it is where you are too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

my apologies

for not posting the winners of the Name the Art Doll Contest yesterday as I said I would. My real life got in the way of my art life and I couldn't get near the computer to do anything!

So without further ado, oh BTW the name I had picked out for her was Merry Christmas, and would you believe that I had a science teacher in grade school who's last name was actually Christmas and his wife's name was Mary??!!!!Boy that was fodder for our juvenile minds! LOL

My lovely little miss's new name is Princess Angel Snowflake of Christmas the First ! Thank you so much Suzan for the wonderful name. I knew I wanted something unique and that's what I got.

While I won't be using any of the other fabulous names, I really loved Angelheart from Nancy Maxwell James and Angel Eve from Suzy.

I want to thank all of you who entered my little contest, and even tho I didn't pick yours, please know it was a very difficult decision! I loved each and every suggestion. And I do hope you'll keep popping in to see if I have something new! LOL I hope you don't mind but I'd love to link to your blogs so I can check in on all of you?!

So Suzan, Nancy and Suzy, could you please email me, through my profile, your mailing info so I can get your prizes off to you as soon as possible. Thank you

Oh and thank you all so much for the lovely comments you left about my art. It thrills me to death to know that someone really likes what I do! LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I was gifted with this very special lady by a good friend of mine, thank you so very much, earlier this week and I need a name for her. I have one, very obvious but it suits, I think. I would just like to get some more suggestions.

Suggest as many names as you'd like, in separate comments tho please and on Monday I will pick a name and the winner will receive 2 atcs and a few other little goodies. I may pick more than 1, if I like the names, it may be hard to pick, in which case, all I pick will receive the same. Does this make sense? LOL

I'll tell you that this little miss is so me, I adore Christmas, my birthday is Christmas Eve, I have a thing for snowflakes, my screen name has angel in it and I love angels and fairies! LOL

Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it's been a busy weekend

I got some atc's done, worked on a fashion quotation theme deco, altered a small clipboard a friend and I picked up for $1 at Michael's, did laundry, ironed, repaired some work pants and moved in some new furniture, well DH and his brother did. Wow, no wonder I'm tierd! LOL

This is one of the Fall theme atc's I did for a seasons swap that's coming up. I saw these packs of glittered fall themed leaves at Wal-Mart for really cheap and this idea, plus a couple of others came to mind so I had to get a pack. Love fall colours, I wish we had more leaf change down here but we only get yellows, little orange and a very little red.

Monday, September 10, 2007

another atc for blue

ear bug anyone? LOL Little more success with the glue but I can see in the scans that my bling placement is a little off.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

more atcs for a blue/asian swap

Love doing Asian themes!

The second one has no words but if you think, I'm sure you can get the reference. Had a real problem with glue on this one, I'll probably redo it but I really like how it looks!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sept. mingle

for the ongoing swap on Byhand group. Once again we had some fantastic options.

Sept 3 Labour Day (US & Canada)
Sept 9 Kite Festival (China)
Sept 11, 1885 D.H. Lawrence Birthday
Sept 12 Rosh Hashanah - New Year (Israel)
Sept 12, 1944 Barry White Birthday
Sept 13 Positive Thinking Day
Sept 13 International Chocolate Day
Sept 15, 1890 Agatha Christie Birthday
Sept 16, 1925 B.B. King Birthday
Sept 16, 1956 David Copperfield (Illusionist) Birthday
Sept 18, 1939 Frankie Avalon Birthday
Sept 19 Hippocrates Birthday (Greece)
Sept 21 & various other days Apple Festival
Sept 21 International Day of Peace
Sept 21, 1934 Leonard Cohen Birthday
Sept 21, 1866 H.G. Wells Birthday
Sept 22 Oktoberfest (Germany)
Sept 22 Yom Kippur (Israel)
Sept 25 Moon Festival (Hong Kong)
Sept 25 Tet Thrung Thu (Vietnam) Harvest Festival
Sept 25 National Comic Book Day
Sept 26, 1774 Johnny Appleseed Birthday
Sept 28, 1901 Ed Sullivan Birthday
Sept Save the Tiger Month
Sept Native American Month
Sept National Honey Month

Flower of the Month: Aster
Horoscope: Virgo Aug 23 - Sept 22
Color: Aqua
Birthstone Mod: Sapphire, Trad: Sapphire Mystical: Agate
Number 9 (use #9 or any number that starts with the number 9, example 9,
92, 99, 900, 9,000,001 etc)

I chose to do the Kite Festival. Unfortunately it was the only event that spoke to me!

The background is gesso painted on water colour paper then painted, the blue is acrylics and the green is Twinkling H2O's, it does have a bit of sparkle to it. I then stamped a flourish in metallic blue across the sky to give 'wind' movement. You can't see it in the scan. I stamped the asian images on Basic Grey paper that has a cherry blossom pattern to it, cut them out to make kites, attached gold metallic thread for the string and blue floss for the tail and attached them to the page. The text is cg. Hope the recipient likes it!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I hosted a

Anne A 1
Anne A 2

Anne A. 3
Beth A
Carmen G.
Carolyn A.
Chris S.
Darcee R
Heather R.
Joanne R.
Judy L.
Kathleen M.
Krisy LB.
Linda T.
Marg H.
M-B J.
Mikki D.
Nancy C.
Nancy C. inside
Pat G.
Therese M
Wendy K.

White on White Fat Book swap recently. I wanted to share the gorgeous results. A few of the participants have already got there books bound but not me. I have no idea yet so I'll stew on the ideas for a while.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I think I'm back!

LOL The computer is in the living room (we have a small condo and while I'd love to have a dedicated office, it's just not possible right now) and my art space is just that, an art space! Yippee!!!! While I loved having the laptop there, it was too distracting and I would get next to nothing done. Last night when I was cleaning up, I got the itch to create, so I did an atc for a swap on one of my groups, had already done one, and started on a '4 x 4' for the same group that has to go out Wednesday!

Happy Labour day to all and yipee the kids are back to school tomorrow! LOL