Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the card

I made for Thad's graduation. It didn't scan well due to the tassel but I think it turned out really well.

I'm wishing right now

for a little more art time but ... my DS#2 is graduating H.S. today and I'm kinda busy trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my baby isn't a baby any more. While he is graduating he's going back for 1 more year before uni, thank the stars. At 17 I think he's just a little too young, emotionally to go. And I know I'm not ready to let go. LOL So I have 1 more year to prepare!

Anyway, I am working on the White on White Fat book pages for the swap I'm hosting and starting July 4th I'll be off for 6 weeks, having a small procedure done, so I can do all the art I want! Yippee. I'm going to start looking for a journal to alter for a round robin a dear friend of mine is hosting. Never having altered a journal or book before, I'm trepidatious and anxious and sooo looking forward to it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I can finally show the atcs that I made the 2 ladies that were runners up in my little blog candy. I thought they were cute even tho I'm not a cat person.

And these are atcs I made for a vintage swap. Had the hardest time with these. But thank heavens they finally came together. The images of the little girls I got off Nancy Dooren's blog. She has really great images that I love using.

Monday, June 11, 2007


and Frank Lloyd Wright!!

On one of my Yahoo groups, Byhand Artist, some of us are doing a year round mingle, hostessed by one lady who has amazing talent in art and organization. One page 4.5 x 4" decorated in the of the month. We are given several choices to pick from and we may combine themes.

These are the themes for June

June 1, 1926 - 1962 Marilyn Monroe's
June 7, 1848 - 1903 Paul Gauguin
June 8, 1867 Frank Lloyd Wright
June 14 Flag Day (US)
June 16, 24 & 30th Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Costume Football
Game) Florence
June 17 Father's Day
June 19 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
June 19 Qu Yuan the Poet (Chinese)
June 19 or various Juneteenth (Emancipation Day) US
June 21 Bob Dylan Day
June 21 1st day of Summer
June 24 St Jean Baptiste Day (French Canadian)
June 28 Paul Bunyan Day

Flower of the month: Rose
Horoscope: Gemini May 21 - June 20
Color: Green
Birthstone: Mod: Pearl Trad: Alexandrite Mystical: Moonstone
Number: 6 (use #6 or any number that starts with the number 6,
example 6,
62, 66, 600, 6,000,001 etc)

Well I knew I wanted to do Summer, but I also love Frank Lloyd Wright, his designs sre amazng, and when I saw this pic of Falling Waters on Wikipedia, I knew what I had to do! LOL

Sunday, June 10, 2007

we have winners!!!!

my wonderful son helped me pick the winners of my small bit of BLOG CANDY and they are -

for the C tag -

CAKVD said...

I love the tag! I am owned by a persian cat. My fav. TV show is Survivor! Thanks!
Cheryl kvd

and for the 2 atc's-

Jan Scholl said...

Mary-Beth-you need a feed so we can get your updates by email!!

My favorite tv show is anything Detroit Pistons. I only watch sports news and weather and am a freak for woman. But it works for me!


Shannon said...

Love that tag. We have a brown tabby with one eye. He lets the kids push him around in a box, hold him and lay things on him. He is the most laid back cat ever!! Oh yeah, my favorite show would be Lost or HBO's Big Love. I also like the Riches. I am so bad, I watch way too much TV.

Thanks to all who played and left wonderful comments and great stories.

Would the 3 above ladies please email me using the link in my profile, with all you info so I can send off your prizes to you

This was really fun and I hope to do another soon. LOL

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Small bit of BLOG CANDY!! LOL

my 1st! Check out the post titled Isa's C challenge.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

happy little things

Kelly has tagged me to post some of the things that have made me happy today

1. the sun shone ... 2ce LOL It's been rainy, cold and miserable the last few days.
2. I'm back into a size 10 after losing about 15 lbs. YES!!!
3. I got to play with new stamps and paper today. That always makes me happy!

What about you? I dare anyone reading my blog to post some happy little things on yours. Leave me a link so I can check what makes you happy.

Thank you Kelly, you made me realize that today wasn't the bust I felt it was, even if I do have to go bck to work tonight! LOL.


I finally got back to do a dcm challenge! My friend Gillian set a good one this week and I didn't use a lot of layers for it, shame on me!! So I didn't have to be very creative when it came to attaching things. LOL

This week's Little Extra challenge is from an idea of Gillian's - she's always coming up with these fiendish ideas, you know!
"how's about a dare where you can't use any adhesives at all...
You have to put them away...
No tape, no gluesticks, no Xyron, no modpodge.... and all other sticky things....
the only things you can use are things like staples, stitching, brads, eyelets, pins.... that sort of thing to attach all the bits to your card."

and I tried to incorporate this dare with one other

This weeks little extra is to use Black and ONE other colour only. We, the design team decided to be really nice to you all and allow shades of that one colour to make it really easy for you (and us...he..he...! (see aren't we nice to you ?).

Everything is black and pink, even my 'watermark' ;)

Actually these are both little extra so I really want to get caught up on the main events, especially the 'We can see clearly now' challenge. My favorite stuff, acetate! LOL

another challenge

Nancy Maxwell James challenged her visitors to use a great image that she posted in something so this is my rendition of Zelda Sanders. I cropped, resized and printed her out using my Pixma. Then I decorated a tag with papers and Zelda and stamped and stamped some more. I used my new Fancy Pants Acrylic stamps on this one. I LOVE THEM!!!! LOL

I'll have to work on my scanner. This is showing a lot on the orangey side bit these colours are pinks and browns IRL.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Isa's C challenge


option 1 : only tags
option 2 : no brown ink

A little reminder if you want your work taken into account for the challenge/draw : the challenge is before anything else letter C, which means that whatever image is on your work has to start with C.
This is the compulsory bit. The options are just there to spice things up.
So if you make a tag with no brown inks at all but with a boat on it, that won't count....

Have fun !!

Well CAT is the only thing I could come up with and I remember this quote from somewhere and I don't even know who said it so I can't attribute it. It seems I paraphrased the quote. It's supposed to be 'cats have staff', I like 'slaves' better!

Now I want to make this my 1st blog candy (not much I know) and all I ask is you tell me what your favourite TV show is, It's easy and it's been done but I have a cold and my brain can't come up with anything imaginative right now! LOL I'll pick a winner out of the entries and if I have enough comments, I'll send out a couple of atc's too the next 2 picks. Sound good? I hope so. LOL Oh maybe I'll add some bits and bobs too. I'm sure my DH wouldn't mind seeing me sharing the wealth. LOL I'll announce the 'winners' next Sunday morning.

Have fun and good luck!

To make this tag, I glued the tag to the back of the paper I wanted and cut it out. Stamped the quote in black Memories onto a yellowish vellum and clear embossed, tore out the pieces and used a glue stick to adhere the pieces to the tag. I stamped the cat with black Memories onto PP and cut it out and adhered to the tag. Voilá

Friday, June 01, 2007

puzzle piece for Esther

Esther posted on her blog and on ink-stains.com, an invitation for volunteers to do a piece of a small atered puzzle for her. I jumped at it as I had never done one and needed a challenge. The above is the piece I did for her.

Check out Esther's blog to see the other pieces separate and together.

Thank you Esther for giving us all this opportunity. It's a real shame that someone couldn't fulfill their responsibility to your project.