Sunday, January 28, 2007

DMC dare of the week!

This weeks dare is entitled:
HEAVY METAL I don't mean rock music! I would like you to make a card on any theme you like with the rule that it must include something metallic...thats all!You could use wire, charms, foil or even metallic pens.

I love this image and I rarely use it as I have a hard time deciding to crop it close or give it a border or what. But I think as long as i have something to fill the 'awkward' spaces, it's O.K. with the border?

Love purple and yellow together. ANYWAY onto the hard bits!
Stamps - Stampendous Petit Points Sun and Magenta dragonfly
Paper - BG and unknown
Ribbon - Walmart
heart clip, dragonfly and butterfly - all gifted to me (love my friends LOL)

Love these challenges, thanks so much ladies for giving me an excuse to actually do something creative!!!

stamping on patterned paper

I love stamping on patterned paper but when this challenge came up on, it took me a week to come up with something (that and the fact that I'm STILL sick). I actually had to go through my stash to come up with an idea.

Plus I've developed, with DH's help (thanks honey! LOL), my own watermark. A little small right now so I'm going to have to tweak it some more but I'm really happy with it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a little extra dare

It's a good thing for challenges, otherwise I'd not be doing anything right now! LOL

DCM's dare for today

We have a recipe for you this time; your challenge is to make a card using the following ingredients:
7 brads or eyelets
6 flowers
5 letters

Now this was a toughie for me and I think it's a bit silly but there ya go!
Bits used
7 large brads
6 small silk flowers, scavenged when I didn't like the arrangement any more
5 letters in the label
My colour choices aren't quite me and I can't get that stamp to give me a good image at any time, don't know why. Maybe I'll try another one later.

Still have the cold and still very little voice. Should be interesting at work tonight! LOL

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

aperture challenge for dcm

This didn't turn out anything like I wanted and thought out, but I'm creating with a heck of a cold so I get what I get. LOL

Paper - Bazill and unknown although I'm pretty sure it's BG
Stamps - Stampendous Clear Acrylic Flower Power (I think is the name)
Inks - Colour Box Hordes of Gourds, Merlot (love this colour)
Ribbon - Offray satin

I really have thank you guys for the great challenges you post. It's really gotten me to get off my duff and get things done. I have a little stash of cards now to send out as RAKs!!

Looks a bit wonky now I see it up! Oh well! LOL

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dmc little extra for Jan 16

That's your Little Extra challenge for this week - make a card inspired by this one little word


How you do it and what you use is up to you. From Daring Cardmakers

This is what I came up with. When I was a kid, I always imagined what it would be like to travel and swore I would, Well unfortunately I never have been able to travel outside my province so I still IMAGINE. I screwed up the pen but that was the last thing and after 5 tries to get this right, forget it! LOL Hope you like it!! (I've become seriously addicted to bling!)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 posts in 1 day!!

This is another 'bling' challenge card for another forum I'm on, I think she deserves the crown!

And this is a very late Thank You card for my mil for Christmas gifts. Like she should have worried! I used the same scanned paper that I used for the DCM challenge. I wanted to show off the gorgeous blue rose but ended up cutting it off a bit. I still like the card. LOL

raid my wardrobe for dcm

I raided my wardrobe for DCM!!! LOL I took an idea from Jane and another art friend and scanned in my favourite piece of clothing. It's a jacket and mini skirt set in a gorgeous flowered denim. The bottom pic is the skirt.

I can no longer fit in the skirt and even if I could I'd not wear it (the legs aren't fit for human viewing LOL) . I printed out the scan, stamped my favourite stamp, My Mother's Dress by Inkadinkado with black Versafine, cut it out and adhered it to a med Papaya Puree by Prism papers, free sample, mounted that onto Dark Papaya Puree.

Other stamps by H.A. and Quietfire Designs

She has great stuff and fantastic service. Her Yahoo group Is fun too!!!
Not affiliated, just happy!!! LOL

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

my 1st card for Daring Cardmakers

This was a real challenge as I don't do Valentines well. I kinda like it tho'!

Bling - tiny HA crystal gems
Beads - 2 'ruby' hearts and 1 flower
Paper - 7 Gypsies, Bazzill, B.G.
Fibres - unknown
Alpha stamps - PSX pixie lower case Celtic alpha
Black pen for scribble

Sunday, January 07, 2007

thank you card

Made this card to give to the staff of the CCU at Met Hospital to thank them for the fantastic care they gave my fil during his brief illness. Apparently they were incredible with him and the family that got to visit.

I got the idea from a gorgeous collage by Carolyn Quartermaine that I saw in Jan/Feb Somerset Studio. Just gorgeous!! Not so much the card. LOL Didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but I still like it.

And I'm checking out all the blogs I've been missing the last day or 2. My, my friends are prolific and talented too!!!!

I want a cuttlebug!!!! All my friends are getting one!! Please!!!! LOL
I'll have to get me some of those Mike's coupons.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm stamping

1 rak and another sympathy. I hope I don't have to make any more of them for a long time!!!!

Now I have a mess to clean up and Christmas decorations to take down. If I don't do it today, it'll probably be another week. LOL hate it tho'. The place looks so bare without all the stuff.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Here's to a brand new Year!!!!! 2007!!!! Wow where has the time gone?

Hope this is the happiest, safest, most prosperous year ever!!!


I had this drafted to post before my fil passed and I was debating whether to post it or not. It doesn't matter what's going on in my life, everyone else's goes on and I do wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!

Here wishing for a better one for this family!! sheesh