Monday, April 28, 2008

Garden Fairies

is the theme on Gothic Arches this week. I was so happy to see this! I decided to challenge myself to do an arch with only stamping, as I feel I may have been over using collage images lately, and I have 2 sets of fairy stamps from CTMH that I love and don't use very muc, definitely not as much as I like.

I did the b/g by stamping gesso on white card, dabbing Distress inks on for grass and sky and tried to put a tree in there with edges of the sponge with branches going over head, which came out as more of an illusion of a tree and branches. Then I stamped my fairies and repeatedly stamped a fern stamp along the bottom. Then I added a few dragonflies for company!

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

me and my doll

is the theme of Gothic Arches this week. I struggled a bit with this one as I couldn't find any decent images in my stash til I ran across this one. That and it was DH's B'day on Sunday and I had a meeting for work that day is why I'm a bit late for this one.

When I was a kid, my parents divorced and my mom remarried, taking me with her when she did. I had a very hard time with this and to escape the reality that was my life I spent more time with Barbie and the house I made her out of a cardboard box than I did with other people until I was befriended by the family next door. The scene in the image shows the place where I wish I could have been. I think she looks happy in her secret spot (that her parents set up!) playing with her favourite doll.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Springtime in Paris

Paris is the theme this week at Gothic Arches and the 1 st thing that came to my mind was Springtime in Paris. I had a definite picture in my head for this arch, this isn't it!! Somehow I really had a hard time interpreting this one the way I wanted. But I still like how it came out. I used cloud scissors to cut out the arch cuz I wanted to relay nice big fluffy clouds in the sky, and I used a gorgeous B.G. paper that turned out to be too busy for what I wanted so I toned it down with Gesso. Oh well, here it is.

another tip in

I'm having fun with these. Having a hard time getting going on the pages, I seem to need a srk to start but once I hav it, look out! LOL The theme for this artist book is Vintage Children.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

a little rambling

seems to be what I'm doing today!
  • I saw my 1st robin of the season today, wish I had thought to run for my camera! Now I know it's spring but after a few nice warm days, we've gone dark, dreary and cold again. Audrey, right now I envy you! Beach and heat, yum!! LOL
  • I haven't done much blogging lately. As I said in my previous post, there's just not enough time in the day to do everything I want! But I've been going through a lot of the blogs I have listed in my sidebar and I can't believe how much I have missed! Gorgeous stuff, all of it!
  • I was up til 2:00 this morning starting on the danglies I'm making for the swap I'm hosting on the Byhand group. I can't believe I let my friend talk me into hosting this. Well ..... she didn't really. She wanted to but had no time so I 'volunteered'. LOL Anyway, I played with polymer clay last night. I have 2 kinds, Primo and Sculpey3. I much prefer the Sculpey 3. The Primo felt very stiff after I had been playing with the Sculpey. Anyone have an opinion on the different clays?
I think that's enough for now. LOL I'm off to do some errands and hopefully when I get back I'll be able to get some more art done. So glad I'm off this week!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I have missed doing the Gothic arch challenge for 2 weeks and I really missed it!!

Therefore, for this weeks challenge by Nellie, By The Sea, I have created 2 arches. One in an oriental theme using one of my favourite images, I just love the feel of it. And a humorous one, I must have a sick sense of humour, cuz that's where my brain goes whenever something's not working out the way I had planned. The bathing beauties got caught in the rain. This reminds me of my childhood when we went to the beach at Point Pelee when it was nice and sunny, only to be totally clouded over 2 hrs later and have to make a mad dash to pick up all the stuff and get to the car. I don't know why we didn't want to get wet in the rain, we already were!!! LOL

Hope you like them!
the raindrops are made with Liquid Crystal which I dropped on the paper and tried to drag into a drop shape.

changes coming

keep your eyes peeled!


between house, kids, job and too little sleep, I have been able to get almost NO art done. I am on vacation this week so along with spring cleaning, I'm going to try to get caught up on old commitments and new stuff.

This is a fair start, April's Yalpha mingle on Byhandartists

The peel-off saying 'friends' is a new product not even on the market yet but the designer was kind enough to share her stash with me!