Sunday, January 28, 2007

stamping on patterned paper

I love stamping on patterned paper but when this challenge came up on, it took me a week to come up with something (that and the fact that I'm STILL sick). I actually had to go through my stash to come up with an idea.

Plus I've developed, with DH's help (thanks honey! LOL), my own watermark. A little small right now so I'm going to have to tweak it some more but I'm really happy with it!


Kelly said...

hi there
What lovely cards! I really like teh big sun in the two cards here. And a watermark - do you stamp that on your cards as you create, or layer over your blog's pictures? Sounds like a neat idea!

Mary-Beth said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for looking and your wonderful comments. I apply my watermark after scanning using photoshop but I'm sure there are many ways to make them. I wouldn't stamp them on the card tho'.

Have a great day!