Monday, June 11, 2007


and Frank Lloyd Wright!!

On one of my Yahoo groups, Byhand Artist, some of us are doing a year round mingle, hostessed by one lady who has amazing talent in art and organization. One page 4.5 x 4" decorated in the of the month. We are given several choices to pick from and we may combine themes.

These are the themes for June

June 1, 1926 - 1962 Marilyn Monroe's
June 7, 1848 - 1903 Paul Gauguin
June 8, 1867 Frank Lloyd Wright
June 14 Flag Day (US)
June 16, 24 & 30th Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Costume Football
Game) Florence
June 17 Father's Day
June 19 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
June 19 Qu Yuan the Poet (Chinese)
June 19 or various Juneteenth (Emancipation Day) US
June 21 Bob Dylan Day
June 21 1st day of Summer
June 24 St Jean Baptiste Day (French Canadian)
June 28 Paul Bunyan Day

Flower of the month: Rose
Horoscope: Gemini May 21 - June 20
Color: Green
Birthstone: Mod: Pearl Trad: Alexandrite Mystical: Moonstone
Number: 6 (use #6 or any number that starts with the number 6,
example 6,
62, 66, 600, 6,000,001 etc)

Well I knew I wanted to do Summer, but I also love Frank Lloyd Wright, his designs sre amazng, and when I saw this pic of Falling Waters on Wikipedia, I knew what I had to do! LOL


Nancy Maxwell James said...

sounds like fun! I received your sweet card in the mail the other day Mary-Beth - thank you! I am very touched that you did that and it will go on my card board in my studio...:) I finally am starting to have more creative time that school is out - but now they want the district web site redesigned - sigh! LOL

Heather Robinson said...

What a fantastic idea, Mary Beth. I am a great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright as well and have always dreamed of seeing his architecture in person. Stunning card.

Kat said...

Frank Lloyd Wright is my absolute mose favoritest architect in the whole entire world! I LOVE the mission style. It's a beautiful card lady!

Kat said...

or for crying out loud, that's MOST favoritest

Anonymous said...


Aunt T said...

Beautiful! As always your work is so inspiring to me. MB - you have such a special talent - thank you :)


Melanie Kuzik said...

Very beautiful and I love it. You are one talented lady

Nancy Maxwell James said...

just popped in to say hello! :)

Cydstamps said...

Love the frank lloyd wright. I am fortunate to be able to see his architectural work in Mason City. A home and a hotel are both there to see. Beautiful. you definitely did a great job Mary Beth.