Tuesday, September 18, 2007

my apologies

for not posting the winners of the Name the Art Doll Contest yesterday as I said I would. My real life got in the way of my art life and I couldn't get near the computer to do anything!

So without further ado, oh BTW the name I had picked out for her was Merry Christmas, and would you believe that I had a science teacher in grade school who's last name was actually Christmas and his wife's name was Mary??!!!!Boy that was fodder for our juvenile minds! LOL

My lovely little miss's new name is Princess Angel Snowflake of Christmas the First ! Thank you so much Suzan for the wonderful name. I knew I wanted something unique and that's what I got.

While I won't be using any of the other fabulous names, I really loved Angelheart from Nancy Maxwell James and Angel Eve from Suzy.

I want to thank all of you who entered my little contest, and even tho I didn't pick yours, please know it was a very difficult decision! I loved each and every suggestion. And I do hope you'll keep popping in to see if I have something new! LOL I hope you don't mind but I'd love to link to your blogs so I can check in on all of you?!

So Suzan, Nancy and Suzy, could you please email me, through my profile, your mailing info so I can get your prizes off to you as soon as possible. Thank you

Oh and thank you all so much for the lovely comments you left about my art. It thrills me to death to know that someone really likes what I do! LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Heather Robinson said...

I for one think that her new names suits her perfectly!!

Suzan-- said...

Mary Beth--Thank you for choosing my name for your Christmas doll! I am so honored!!

Suzy said...

Congrats Suzan! Great name it reminds of the Princess Bride's Princess Buttercup for some reason. Is that odd lol?

Yay she has a name :D

alice k. said...

I'll be (finally) doing my link list and would love to share yours! Could we swap links?

alice k. said...

Oh - I must be half blind! You already have me - I'll just add yours to mine, ok?