Monday, September 03, 2007

I think I'm back!

LOL The computer is in the living room (we have a small condo and while I'd love to have a dedicated office, it's just not possible right now) and my art space is just that, an art space! Yippee!!!! While I loved having the laptop there, it was too distracting and I would get next to nothing done. Last night when I was cleaning up, I got the itch to create, so I did an atc for a swap on one of my groups, had already done one, and started on a '4 x 4' for the same group that has to go out Wednesday!

Happy Labour day to all and yipee the kids are back to school tomorrow! LOL


Carrie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog - I hope you get a chance to try the technique and share it with us.


alice k. said...

Nice to have you back! One gets so much more done without the computer, that's for sure. My laptop is at home on the couch, and whenever I walk by I think "hmm, let me just check..." and there I am, an hour or two later, having completed nothing at all
The computers should really be kept locked and we should get the key only after all the work has been done. First work, then play. Face it, we are just grownup kids!

Heather Robinson said...

There is such a gentle feel to these two, Mary-Beth!! I agree with you about the computer being thing leads to another and another....good for you for freeing yourself!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

welcome back! love the asian pieces here sooo soft and pretty.
hope the computer behaves itself! :)