Thursday, September 13, 2007


I was gifted with this very special lady by a good friend of mine, thank you so very much, earlier this week and I need a name for her. I have one, very obvious but it suits, I think. I would just like to get some more suggestions.

Suggest as many names as you'd like, in separate comments tho please and on Monday I will pick a name and the winner will receive 2 atcs and a few other little goodies. I may pick more than 1, if I like the names, it may be hard to pick, in which case, all I pick will receive the same. Does this make sense? LOL

I'll tell you that this little miss is so me, I adore Christmas, my birthday is Christmas Eve, I have a thing for snowflakes, my screen name has angel in it and I love angels and fairies! LOL

Good luck and have fun!


Kelly said...

love her! she is beautiful! I think I own her sister!

paru's_circle said...

shes gorgeous here come the names

paru's_circle said...


paru's_circle said...


paru's_circle said...


Debby Winters said...

What a great little lady!
How about Christy?

Debby Winters said...

Another suggestion would be holly

Debby Winters said...

Or how about Greeta?

Debby Winters said...

ok, last one for now...Angelica

Cathy said...

Sweet candy and great blog you have. Love your style in your artwork.

Crafty Angel

Thanks for a chance.

Cathy said...

How about



Betty said...


Nancy Maxwell James said...

she is just lovely!

how about angelheart?

Nancy Maxwell James said...

christmas noel

Nancy Maxwell James said...


Susie Snowflake like the song?

scfranson said...

Mary Elizabeth would be my guess.

Suzy said...

I love the name Angel Eve. It can go beyond Christmas, and has references to your life and the meaning she holds for you.


serenarepsold said...

Wow! She is stunning. How about "Angel-ina" or "Noelle"?

Serena Repsold

Linda SS said...
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Linda SS said...

After staring at this fun creation, I came up with a few names that I think will suit your angel:

Ice Crystal

Linda SS said...

Another icy suggestion:

Icicle Sue

Linda SS said...

Or how about:


Linda SS said...

I read the posts before mine and there are sure some great suggestions. I might suggest:


Linda SS said...

My last suggestion is my favorite one yet. My granddaughter was named after the Angel Gabriel so I'll suggest her name which is Gabrielle:

Angel Gabrielle

Your altered items are fabulous and very unique. I really love the Halloween cards you made.

Ijsbeer said...

I love christmas too. My birthday is two days before:) Just hoping for a white christmas this year!

The doll is very cool!

As for name suggestions I have some as I love your ATC's!:
Christmas Angel
Snow Angel
Ice Queen
Ice Princess
Frosty fairy
Angel Frost
Ice fairy
Engel (Norwegian name for angel)

Suzan-- said...

Hello!! I own her other sister..**waving to Kelly! How about Princess Angel Snowflake of Christmas the First...LOL...Heck, mine is named Space Cowboy--what do I know????

kate said...

Love those wings!She looks like a 'Charlotte' to me.