Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I hosted a

Anne A 1
Anne A 2

Anne A. 3
Beth A
Carmen G.
Carolyn A.
Chris S.
Darcee R
Heather R.
Joanne R.
Judy L.
Kathleen M.
Krisy LB.
Linda T.
Marg H.
M-B J.
Mikki D.
Nancy C.
Nancy C. inside
Pat G.
Therese M
Wendy K.

White on White Fat Book swap recently. I wanted to share the gorgeous results. A few of the participants have already got there books bound but not me. I have no idea yet so I'll stew on the ideas for a while.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

each piece is just beautiful! I love the textures - you can reach out and touch them in the photos.
just beautiful!

Mary-Beth said...

Thanks Nancy! I had to take digi pics of these as the scans just didn't show the textures, the shades of white. And I had to take them by the window to get enough light for contrast.

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Mary-Beth,
These pages are stunning, what a gorgeous chunky and textured book it is going to be. Wow, wish I could see and touch it in person :)



Anonymous said...

These are all so wonderful. What a great book.

Heather Robinson said...

I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts. Each and every piece is stunning and I love the white on white, textured look on each.

Deborah said...

What perfectly BEAUTIFUL little treasures! I've been back four times to drool over them (lol).