Thursday, August 30, 2007

pardon my absence

once again. The laptop I was using and had all my files, printers and scanners on, died a quick death last Thursday so my DH set me up with a desk top in my art space, which BTW is in a corner of our bedroom. As that is not an ideal situation, we have decided to move it, the computer, out to the living room. So, because he'll be moving it, he has not hooked up my printers or scanner or installed any of my programs or even downloaded the contents of the old hard drive to this computer. Therefore, I can do no art nor share any art. I really hope he gets this changed over soon.

Sorry for the whine, I think I'll go have some cheese now! LOL

See you soon, hopefully!


paru's_circle said...

Isnt life the pits without our computers? how did we ever get by without them ;-) hope you now have a nice nook of your own to work from, you mentioned a corner, thats exactly where i operate from a tiny corner of a room, its small, its shared but its .. home.. have a nice weekend, regards..P

Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh I hope you get it all straightened out soon! have a great weekend!