Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 more atc's

for the green/sealife atc swap that I have to send out today if I want them to make it on time for the deadline.

I haven't had much time to be as productive as I'd like but I'm stating to get an itch to do some Hallowe'en stuff. LOL I'm not much of a one for Hallowe'en but a friend of mine is really big into it and one of the groups I'm on is starting to have challenges for Hallowe'en art so my interest is starting to get aroused! LOL

I just printed off 2 pages of Hallowe'en images so I'm going to try to get this itch out of my system so I can concentrate on Christmas. LOL


Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are both so cool. I love the frog he made me smile this morning.
can't wait to see your Halloween atc's! :)

paru's_circle said...

cool frog!
halloween is so awesome! we dont have it here but i love it! must have been a pumpkin in another life ;-) emailed you,

Heather Robinson said...

These are really unique and fresh looking, Mary-Beth. Love them both.