Thursday, November 01, 2007


told you I'd have something new soon! LOL

This is a spread I did in another artists music deco. I was stumped on this until a friend steered me in the direction of Broadway, after that it was easy. LOL I had a vision for this spread but I don't know that I pulled it off very well. The poster is actually a windowcard and I wanted it to look like it was propped up in a shop window in the Christmas season. The letters are glittered to mimic the huge production number in the movie where everything was glittery gold. Yes the movie, I never did see the play. :'(


Heather said...

Great spread M-B. Love the art you're producing these days.
Hugs, Heather

Nancy Maxwell James said...

love this spread also Mary-Beth! the glitz in the letters makes it all pop!