Monday, November 05, 2007

art day

I actually got some art AND housework done yesterday. I got the dreaded bathroom clean, again, why does it never stay that way? and my pages for a 12 Days of Christmas Fat Book swap in which I chose Day 1. What a moronic thing to do. Being the 1st page, you'd expect something spectacular instead of mediocre, well it's not mediocre but not spectacular either. Oh I forgot, I still have to add some colour to the partridge.
I have that wonderful 12 Days of Christmas set of stamps from Stampington that I use every year in some way, shape or form, and this time I cut out the partridge and 2 pears and foam dotted them to the tree that I designed in The Gimp and had printed out on the paper that I had already printed the text, Porcelain font out on.

At one point during this, I thought I had ruined it but maybe it turned out O.K.. You can't see it in the scan but the stars are gold, the harlequin b/g is stamped in gold and I rimmed the page in gold Krylon.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is so sweet! I love the images!

Kelly said...

this is sweet!