Saturday, July 07, 2007

July's mingle

July 1 Canada Day
July 1, 1916 Olivia De Havilland Birthday
July 4 Independence Day
July 4 Friendship Day (Philippines & USA)
July 5, 1810 P.T. Barnum Birthday
July 6 - 8 Lobster Festival (Nova Scotia, Canada)
July 6, 1907 Freida Kahalo Birthday
July 7 Tanabata (Star Festival, Japan)
July 14, 1789 Bastille Day (France)
July 18 Chrysanthemum Day (USA)
July 20, 1938 Diana Rigg Birthday (Emma Peel from the Avengers)
July 22, 1940 Alex Trebek Birthday
July 24 Pioneer Day (USA)
July 24, 1897 Amelia Earhart's Birthday
July 25, 1870 Maxfield Parrish Birthday
July 26, 1894 Aldous Huxley Birthday
July 27, 1858 1st Use of Fingerprints
July 28, 1866 Beatrix Potter Birthday
July 30, 1818 Emily Bronte Birthday
Last Week in July Garlic Festival (USA)

Note: Chrysanthemum Day is mentioned on a Web Holiday listing, but I
couldn't find any other listing
than items for the fall. But I'll include it here and in the fall, just to
be on the safe side.

Flower of the Month Water Lily
Horoscope Cancer June 21 - Jul 22
Color Maroon &/or Grey
Birthstone Mod: Ruby, Trad: Ruby Mystical: Ruby
Number 7 (use #7 or any number that starts with the number 7, example 7,
72, 77, 700, 7,000,001 etc)

There were so many great topics tis month but I've always loved Beatrix Potter and I used grey. Inside is the wikipedia look-up for her. I had adhesives challenges on this one and really I'm happy with the way it turned out just not the boo boos. Sorry the scan's a bit wonky too. LOL


Heather Robinson said...

This is a wonderful, nostalgic piece of artwork, M-B. Beautiful work.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love your piece - and Beatrix Potter. I have a few of her figurines (Mom used to give them to me for birthdays) and my DD Alli's baby room was decorated in it. She was such a talented lady!