Saturday, December 02, 2006

playing with the blog

Many thanks to all the people whose blog I have visited and got ideas from, I think you know who you are, and to J@cqueline who gave me the nudge to get larger pics on here. I'm still playing , totally new to HTML and I'm afraid I'm going to really screw something up. oops!

As for the music, LOVE the Peppers but I really want to get something Christmasy up here. Soon I hope.

And I love stripes! I could sit for 'hours' playing with that. So soothing!! So sad!!!!! LOL

Back to art. I really need to get some Christmas cards done this weekend. I called in sick tonight so if I'm feeling better later, I'll try to get to it. Otherwise, tomorrow and Monday are going to be card making days.

Stamp and Alter on!!! LOL

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MezzoKat said...

Hi, Mary-Beth. Interesting site! I love the Santa card. I also love your virtual pet--clicked on the link and adopted a cat in a basket. Hope I'll be able to put him on my 360 site. Probably not.