Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I got real tired of the black b/g so I changed to one I've seen and really liked and am much more comfortable with. But... I lost all my links, dummy me didn't save the template. Lesson learned. LOL

Please bear with me while I get them back on. I have so much to learn about HTML .. soooo much!

On a happier note, fil is doing better, not good but better and .... WE HAVE HOT WATER!!!!!!! Only after we called the plumber back cause one of the connections blew off after they had left from installing the new one! Had to laugh.


Gillian Hamilton said...

So glad that FIL is doing better, what a relife for your family.
Your right there is so much to lean about HTML..It can be very daunting at times... but the new template looks great..

Katherine said...

LOL you will learn like I did, one mistake at a time! I like this better also, glad everyone is doing well and belated Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Oh and Happy New Year just in case! LOL

Rein said...

Thanks for the link Mary-Beth.
I have put a link too.

Happy new Year!

Jane said...

thanks for the comment on my blog Mary Beth and the link. Lol at the template comment- I did exactly the same a few months back ! Love your cards