Saturday, August 30, 2008

forgive me

I like to shake things up every once in a while and that's what I was trying to do this morning but discovered I'm missing an element in my layout. I hope to get this resolved soon. But in the mean time, please forgive my 'in construction' look!! LOL

Now, I don't often speak about my home life as I don't enjoy putting my private life out there for all to see but I need some advise on how to deal with something that every mother has to deal with, her children growing up.

I have 2 sons, my oldest is 26 but because he's mentally, and to a small extent physically challenged, I never went through the late nights, dating, etc that comes with being a teenager. Now my youngest, who will be 19 at the end of Novenber, decided this summer to become a social butterfly and comes home at all hours and forgets to call when he knows he will be later than what he's told us he'll be home. And to be fair to the boy, he doesn't go out often but when he does........ And he is off to uni next week. He's going to the one in our city and will be living at home but knowing that his life is expanding and growing away from us is making me crazy.

How do you mothers who have gone through this handle it so you don't drive yourself insane with worry? I know this sounds like I want to keep him tied to the apron strings, but I know I have to let go and I want to do it as graciously as I possibly can!!! Now I know what my mother meant when she said 'One day you'll have kids of your own'!!! Sorry Mom.

Thank you all for listening, I hope I can come up with a solution to this soon.

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Jodi said...

Mary-Beth, I can so relate to your anxiety! I didn't set a curfew for my kids (now 22 & 25) and never really slept soundly until I heard their car in the drive. I did the kiss-me-goodnight thing, where they had to come upstairs and let me know they were home and give me a kiss. With that, I could do the smell test, if you know what I mean... LOL As they got older, they didn't always come up to let me know they were home but didn't give me reason not to trust, so I slept more better. I remember many a morning running downstairs to look in their beds. Sometimes they were there; sometimes not, then I'd be on the phone (what did my parents do w/o cell phones)??

Anyhow, you've raised him to make good decisions and be independent young man. What an exciting time of life for all of you! Try to relax (I know easier said than done) and enjoy watching him continue to bloom!

Consider yourself hugged,