Sunday, November 19, 2006

atc chain

I made these today for an atc chain a friend 'invited' me to join. I'm not big on these and I have turned down this animal before. If it had been anyone else sending it to me I would have said no. I'm the only 1 of her 6 contacts who didn't bow out. LOL And as far as I know none of my 6 did either.
Now I just have to get 2 mingle 4x4's done with a December theme and a couple of Christmas cards done this weekend, plus change the living room around and do more housework and ...and...and.... God it never ends. I just want to do art!!! LOL

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J@cqueline's craft nest said...

Hallo Mary-Beth - thanks for adding a link! I so love your name, I have a cousin with that name too. I don't know whether I should be saying this, but when you upload a card you can choose to have it small/medium or large - it seems to be such a pity that your pictures are so small. Perhaps you just choose to do so - sorry if I interferred!!