Monday, January 21, 2008

gothic arches

3 arches I created for a mingle on one of the Yahoo groups I'm on. Has the theme of Romance. Pardon the light splashes in the scan, the sun is gloriously shining in the window right into the scanner!

I'm actually getting some art done today! I love it!!! LOL


Nancy Maxwell James said...

MB these are GORGEOUS! love the colors and accents...btw..GL was mailed last week - even though you are "just across" the bridge I figure you should get it this week.

Anonymous said...

These are so soft and pretty :o) And I know that feeling of getting art done. It's a great feeling :o)

SHARI said...

Hi, I'm the admin for the group called Gothic Arch Art . I'd love to have your Gothic Arches---as well as all of your other beautiful Arches added to the group pool. Your pieces will make a great addition and will inspire all of the other members of our group. Hope to see you there!