Sunday, April 29, 2007

I got tagged

by Esther. I have to tell 7 little known facts about myself.

  1. I get frustrated very easily.

  2. I'm really shy and everyone thinks I'm a bitch until they get to know me.

  3. I have 1sistter, 1 brother and 4 step sisters all older than me.

  4. I was in nurse's training til Ii got married and quit. (stupid)

  5. I will be married for 30 yrs next month!!!!! WOW! Thy said it would never last.

  6. I have no self confidence! It kills me to post stuff but I figure if I don't I'll never get over it.

  7. I've been grey since my early 20's but coloured it for years. Now I'm au naturel and I love it! LOL

K, now I have to tag 7 people and pry their 7 little known fact out of them. This was the hard part, so many blogs I go to have already been tagged. I don't want to be a nuisance. LOL

So Karie, Kelly, Nancy, Kim, Jacqueline, Robin, and Teri, you've been tagged! Sorry! LOL


Anonymous said...

Heyyyy...I've been tagged!!! M-B, I can't update anything on my blog until my I get my new computer, so check back on my blog around Fridy (when the new one comes in) and I'll be tagging as well! Thanks M-B...and stop being too hard on yourself, your cards are absolutely gorgeous!

Gillian Hamilton said...

30years!!! woooohooo... well done hun!!! I'm so glad you post, cause your work inspires us all xxx

Nancy Maxwell James said...

congrats on the 30 years!
I will post my "tag" from you when I come home from work today!
thanks for sharing about you!