Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A little about me to start I guess .. I was a very late bloomer art wise. I couldn't even draw a stick figure very well. But I love crafts and when I was younger, with 2 little kids, little money and a desperate urge to DO something, I started to knit. My mom had shown me the 2 basic stitches when I was a kid but that's it. And she showed me the basics of crotchet. And that's it.

When I told my DH that I wanted to knit again, he went out and bought me a kit for an afghan, in a flame stitch. Did I say I only knew 2 stitches? LOL

I put away the kit til the desire to crochet struck. Nice scarf. Hmmm.

So I looked at cross stitch. LOVED it and I could do all the stitches. Hooray!! Made a lot of nice cute 'country' things.

But that wasn't enough. I started to decorate wreaths, even designed my own and did all kinds of little country craft things. It was fun while it lasted.

I went a few years not doing anything, then there as that HAD to DO something.

I was introduced to Rubber Stamping about 5 years ago by a lovely lady from Australia and more lovely ladies who were all members of a Rubber Stamping board on iVillage.com

I started out making cards, which I really don't think I'm all that great at, and have journeyed into the realm of decos, fat books, ATC's and other wonderful things I never once thought I'd be able to do.

Enough of me. Am off to bed.

Have a great evening!

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